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Your users are your last line of defence.
They need to be trained and remain on their toes with securiyt top of mind.

Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services

Reduce Risk-Protect Data-Fight Cybercrime

Managed detection and response

New attacks, vulnerabilities, virus and malware variants pose a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate. Attacks are more sophisticated and harder to detect. We combine leading alerting technology with the right people to fully maximize that technology 365/24/7.


When an incident occurs, it is essential to get the right support as soon as possible. From explaining the business impact of an incident to conducting detailed technical analysis, our team can assist during the critical phases of an investigation.

What we do

Our Services

Managed Security

Teksight360’s comprehensive portfolio of flexible Managed Security Services help you protect against advanced threats, diminish your attack surface, identify new risks, and respond to and recover from incidents.


Teksight360 provides products and services to help you harden the network perimeter, protect sensitive data and identify and monitor threats with comprehensive, integrated security and multiple deployment options.

security testing

Teksight360’s proactive security testing will help you identify where your risks and vulnerabilities reside, enabling you to better prevent, detect and respond to security incidents, and improve your overall security posture.


Teksight360’s is an elite and experienced team of cybersecurity specialists that will help your organization fight cybercrime, from assessing risk to preventing, detecting and responding to threats.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Teksight360 is aimed at revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry by developing innovative cybersecurity products and solutions. Teksight360’s mission is to help businesses build trusted relationships with their customers, partners, and employees by providing cybersecurity, compliance services, intelligence sharing, and cyber forensic analysis.

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